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  • Within Maastricht University the General and Technical Services is entrusted with the organisation of the waste flows. The cleaning company takes care of the practical work. This concerns office waste, kitchen waste, paper and glass waste, but also bulky waste, such as broken furniture. Within the UM Randwyck campus, as a rule, waste is removed as quickly as possible.

    All this can only work flawlessly with the cooperation of the staff. Everybody who has a waste problem can report this at the Service Point of the General and technical Services. Then the problem will be solved quickly.


    Through the page below all work instructions and relevant documentation on the environment can be consulted:



    Biological waste

    The staff member Chemical waste is also responsible for the coordination of the removal of biological waste. This special waste should be put in special blue barrel, which is collected once a week. The waste of the MLI and MLII labs need to be placed in green bins. The waste is collected according to a fixed schedule by an employee of the ‘waste removal park’ (in Dutch: milieupark). Furthermore, this employee distributes the several waste barrels.


    Chemical waste

    The FHML has an employee who is responsible for the removal of chemical waste, radioactive waste and small chemical waste. This employee is placed at the Radio Nuclide Lab, from an organizational point of view. The chemical waste is collected, classified and removed by a certified waste processing company, according to a fixed schedule of the laboratories.


    Domestic Chemical Refuse

    Domestic Chemical Refuse (Dutch acronym: KCA) such as tonercartridges, ink cartridges and batteries are collected in the black bins that are located next to the copy facilities in each building. Items classified as KCA is collected, a pre-waste separation is made, and it is removed by a certified waste processing company. On the basis of the turnover, the FHML receives an amount of money in return, with which the costs of this particular waste flow is financed.


    Radioactive waste

    Radioactive waste is collected, stored and after some time removed by an official waste processing company, certified. The depot for the organizations participating in the license for the whole complex is located in the areas of the Radio Nuclide Laboratory.




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