• Incidents
  • Incidents

    Although it is rather inconceivable, incidents or accidents can happen: spill of a chemical, an unwanted reaction of a chemical, becoming unwell, etc. In case of these kinds of events, the Emergency Assistance needs to be activated through the phonenumber 1333.

    The Emergency Assistance is concerned with first aid and the judgment if further help is needed. Furthermore the Emergency Assistance is responsible for adequate reporting to make sure that the UM knows who the victim is and thus can give aftercare and, if necessary, make improvements in the management processes.
    Incidents and accidents always need to be reported through the digital registration site: reporting accidents and incidents (in Dutch).
    Download here the form.


    Puncture accidents

    When executing research with human or animal material needles and knifes are often used. In case of a puncture and/or cutting accident, possible pathogenic organisms could enter the body depending on the seriousness of the incident and the material the researcher worked with. If possible put pressure on the affected finger or hand immediately and let it bleed under water. If the bleeding is heavy activate the Emergency Assistance immediately through phone number 1333.

    When there has been blood contact with the needle or the material, the employee needs to go the Accident and Emergency Department of the azM. There the decision will be taken whether or not further treatment is necessary. Every incident needs to be reported through the digital registration site: reporting accidents and incidents (in Dutch).
    Download here the form.


    Instruction for handling spills in the laboratory

    Working with hazardous chemicals involves the danger of spills. To ensure that these spills are handled adequately, taking the safety of employees and the environment into account, a short instruction has been written.
    Download Spill-instruction-laboratory-March-2012

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