• Company Emergency Assistance
  • Company Emergency Assistance

    For the benefit of Emergency Assistance (Dutch acronym: BHV) the UM has set up an organization consisting of Emergency Assistants. These are grouped either by floor (Uns 50), by part of a building (Uns 40 and Oxf 55) or by building (Deb 1, Dub 30, Uns 5 and Uns 60). The minimal size and composition of a group of Emergency Assistants is determined. The Emergency Assistants are trained every year and at a minimum twice a year there is an exercise. This exercise can involve an evacuation. The Emergency Assistants are managed by the Head Emergency Assistance, who is also the premises manager. This person is also the manager of the Catastrophe team, who gathers when a catastrophe has a certain impact on the operational management. In case a catastrophe is severe, the Crisis Team of the Executive Board is informed, who is in charge of the management of a crisis, in cooperation with the emergency services.



    Emergency Assistance

    Every organization has the obligation to organize its first aid help in the case of accidents and catastrophes. Within the UM Randwyck premises the Emergency Assistance is organised per building, and if the building is too big and complex, it is organised per sub-part, such as a floor. An Emergency Assistant is a normal member of staff who volunteered for the post.

    After a training they are appointed and get several devices to be equipped to perform their task. In case of an accident or catastrophe the Emergency Assistants are put in charge of the assistance until the professional aid workers have arrived. Everybody, guest, student and staff member, is obliged to follow the instructions of the Emergency Assistants, and later on the professional aid workers.

    Management of the Emergency Assistance lies in the hands of the premises manager, who is head of Facilities at the same time.

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