• Premises management
  • The housing management in Randwyck lies in the hands of the head of the department of Facilities. He sees to it, that the rules, set by the Executive Board, that all staff members, students and guests have to comply with, are enforced. At the same time this person judges the state of the maintenance of the buildings and its surroundings.



    The UM premises in Randwyck have fixed opening hours. During these hours everyone, without identification or anything of the kind, can enter the buildings. All buildings (except for some small units) are open on working days from 07.30 hrs until 18.30 hrs and have a reception desk.

    Outside these hours entrance can be granted by the premises manager and only to staff members who have an official workspace in that building.
    Click here for a complete overview of opening hours.



    Within the UM the UM-card is an important tool serving many purposes.

    It is an entrance card for the car park, building and spaces/areas

    It is an instrument of payment for the university restaurant equipment

    It is a copier card

    It is an identification card

    The card is given to employees or guests, on the initiative of the person in charge. Students receive an UM-card when they register.

    Special authorities for entrance can be applied for at the premises manager, using a special FD-UM Card form. The form has to be submitted at the reception of Uns 40, who also hands out the UM Cards.



    Within the UM campus Randwyck five car parks are available. Depending on the workplace and possible limitating regulations, such as the bicycle plan, entrance to these car parks can be granted. The premises manager decides upon the rules and regulations for parking in close consultation with the faculty directors. In the near future the use of the UM car parks will be charged.


    Bicycles and cars

    At Randwyck there are facilities for storing bicycles: in the open air, covered, or covered and under lock. The receptionists at the buildings can provide staff members with a key of the covered and locked storage possibilities (bicycle sheds), for which they will have to pay a deposit.

    Every year there will be at least one clearout. The collected bicycles are destroyed. Parking is subject to rules. Parking behaviour is checked regularly. Everyone who breaks the rules at a regular basis and therefore bother other people will be denied admission to the car park. The UM cannot be held responsible for possible damage to property in the bicycle shed(s) or car park(s).


    Lost and found items and theft

    In the UM Randwyck building there are a lot of people. On a daily basis that could be more than 3.000 people. These people can lose possessions. Found items can be delivered at the reception of the building in question. Found items are collected at the reception of the Uns 60 building, registered and returned to the owner on request. After three months shelf life the items are removed.

    It is unavoidable that possessions change ownership. It is recommended to report theft by e-mail to Servicepoint-FD. If necessary, the premises manager together with the safety officer can take preventive measures.


    Rest room or nursing area

    Within Randwyck, especially in the Uns 50, there is the opportunity for using a rest room or nursing area. People with special physical problems can rest here. The room has access to a bed, a chair and a sink.

    Mothers could use this room for use of a breast pump.

    The key for this room is only available at the reception Uns 50.


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