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    Contact data

    Mailing address

    Maastricht University

    Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life sciences

    CRISP/radiation protection unit (SBE)

    PO box 616



    Office address

    Universiteitssingel 50, 1st floor section H, room 1.361b


    Telephone: 043-3881252 or 043-3881914

    E-mail: mailto:heleen.huyten@maastrichtuniversity.nl.nl or ans.houben@maastrichtuniversity.nl


    Accessibility during emergencies

    In case of calamities or urgent help in case of accidents with sources of ionising radiation, the radiation protection unit can be reached through the central phone numbers for calamities:

    • for Maastricht University: (043388) 1333
    • for azM / MAASTRO / ZON-PTC: (043387) 1000

    The officer on duty will be paged through this central desk.

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    Maastricht UMC+ / Maastricht University
    Postbox 616, 6200 MD, Maastricht
    tel. nr +31 43 38 72877 (Facilities) en +31 43 38 71329 (Policy)

    Mail: info-crisp@maastrichtuniversity.nl

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