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    The Radiation Protection Unit (‘Stralingsbeschermingseenheid, SBE) is employed by the institutions on the Randwyck campus: UM, azM, MUMC+, MAASTRO Clinic, MAASTRO Protonencentrum and Biopartner Center Maastricht. SBE acts as a contact for governmental bodies on behalf of the Boards of the Randwykc institutions. SBE independently supervises the safety of all applications of ionising radiation, and is responsible for a system of radiation protection that is in compliance with the law. The legal framework is established in the license according to the Nuclear Energy Law, the so called ‘Complex license Randwyck’. In order to secure a system of radiation protection where employees are monitored and their health is protected in the best possible way, the internal policies with regards to radiation protection have been formalized in the ‘Regulations Radiation Protection Randwyck’. The SBE is positioned within the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Centre for Research Innovation, Support and Policy (CRISP) of UM/MUMC+.



    The most important responsibility of the SBE concerns granting permissions for applications of sources of ionising radiation within the frame work of the complex license. These internal permits are based on risk analyses. After issuing these permits, the SBE oversees if the regulations as stated in the permit are being observed.


    Other responsibilities of the SBE are:

    • drafting and implementing internal policies;
    • formalizing and uniform procedures;
    • classification of employees, projects and work areas;
    • advising on radiation protection regulations with respect to content;
    • supervising the compliance with these regulations;
    • performing inspections and audits;
    • participating in medical committees that are obligatory by law;
    • guarding the quality of and contributing to (certified) internal educational programs and courses for exposed employees;
    • the organisation of refresher courses for supervising employees;
    • advising and informing non-exposed employees;
    • advising on the planning and (re)building of work spaced and facilities;
    • being in charge of the response to accidents and incidents involving sources of ionising radiation and taking care of the correct completion thereof;
    • acting as a spokesman during visitations of external, governmental inspections;
    • reporting to boards and government.


    Educational programs

    SBE offers two certified educational programs on radiation protection:

    • the course for “supervising officer dispersive, radioactive substances level D” (TMS-VRS-D, formerly radiation protection 5b);
    • the course “Radiation protection for medical specialists who use X-ray devices” (formerly radiation protection 4m);

    Our programs can be viewed here.


    Furthermore we offer a refresher course for employees that work autonomously with radioactive sources in dispersable form. Information on this program can be found here.


    The radiation protection unit: employees

    5 People are employed within the radiation protection unit (SBE). The general coordinating expert (ACD) and three radiation safety officers (RSO). The unit can rely on secretarial staff as well. The functions are held by:

    • H. Huyten-Erkens, general coordinating expert, ACD (radiation protection level 2);
    • A. Houben, substituting ACD/ RSO (radiation protection level 3);
    • S. Lumeij, RSO (radiation protection level 3);
    • L. Beckers, RSO (radiation protection level 3);
    • I. Pooters. RSO in training.


    Contact data

    Mailing address

    Maastricht University

    Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life sciences

    CRISP/radiation protection unit (SBE)

    PO box 616



    Office address

    Universiteitssingel 50, 1st floor section H, room 1.361b


    Telephone: 043-3881252 or 043-3881914

    E-mail: mailto:heleen.huyten@maastrichtuniversity.nl.nl or ans.houben@maastrichtuniversity.nl


    Accessibility during emergencies

    In case of calamities or urgent help in case of accidents with sources of ionising radiation, the radiation protection unit can be reached through the central phone numbers for calamities:

    • for Maastricht University: (043388) 1333
    • for azM / MAASTRO / ZON-PTC: (043387) 1000

    The officer on duty will be paged through this central desk.

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