• Biological Safety
  • The organisation of biological safety within the UM

    Activities involving Genetic Modified Organisms and potential pathogenic micro-organisms falls under several rules. Genetic Modified Organisms fall under the GMO (Dutch Acronym: GGO) Decision and Regulation. Implementation and execution of this Decision are mandated to the directors of the administrative units and to the Biosafety Officer, by the Executive Board (MaastrichtUniversity) and by the Maastricht UMC+ Board.


    The biosafety officer supervises work involving Genetic Modified Organisms, biologic agents and laboratory animals, on behalf of the Executive Board/Maastricht UMC+ Board. In addition, the health & safety and environmental care in this area is being developed.



    The objective in the area of biosafety is to attend to an optimal protection of the work environment and the entire environment against negative consequences of conscious work with biological agents and laboratory animals, including the genetic modified varieties.



    The biosafety unit is placed with CRISP. In the area of biosafety the following staff members are active:


    Ms. N. Kisters, biosafety officer UM, azM and BPCM

    e-mail: n.kisters@maastrichtuniversity.nl

    Ms. V. van Leeuwen, biosafety officer UM, azM and BPCM

    e-mail:  v.vanleeuwen@maastrichtuniversity.nl

    Mr. E. Beuken, acting biosafety officer azM

    e-mail: e.beuken@mumc.nl

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