• Facilities
  • Facilities

    Within the UM Randwyck premises there are a couple of services and facilities for the benefit of the activities at large within the health sciences cluster. The policy with regards to this service is supervised by CRISP.


    Faculty Services



    Out of the then Instrumental Services the current Faculty Service Instrument Development Engineering and Evaluation (IDEE) Department came into being. This department has a range of specialized knowledge and skills in the area of instruments and equipment.




    The CPV is a facility for laboratory animal related scientific health sciences and medical research within the FHML. Services are also delivered to the FPN. http://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/cpv




    Central Research Services



    The biobank is a service for protocolled treatment, storage and delivery of biological material, kept in -80 C freezers. The Biobank is ISO certified.



    Radionuclide Centre

    The Radionuclide Centre is a specialized service for safe handling of ionizing radiation. Several appliances are at one’s disposal.

    The Radionuclide Centre is supervised by the UM General Coordinating Radiation expert.


    Ultra Centrifuge Laboratory

    The Ultra Centrifuge Laboratory is a small service high speed centrifuges.


    Weighing Rooms for classified substances

    For the purpose of the registered carcinogene substances two weighing rooms were equipped to weigh these substances safely. One weighing room is equipped at the fourth flour nr. F4.207 and another at the department of Anatomy and Embryology.


    Central Glass en Sterilization Department (CGSA)

    As a service for lab work, the CGSA does not only neutralize biologically contaminated material, but is also available for cleaning and sterilizing glass.


    Microscope Core Lab

    Within this facility equipment and knowledge is available for this specialized high-quality microscopy technique.



    Central Educational Facilities


    Science Vision

    For the purpose of audiovisual registration, production of visual presentations, for videoconferencing, but also for the purpose of streaming, Science Vision is available within FHML.




    In cooperation with FPN (Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience) and UB (University Library) the Faculty has placed lockers at several locations for safe storage of private possessions. Use is free of charge. A big number of the lockers can be locked with a pincode. Some hundred can be locked with a key. The lockers will be checked for their contents on a regular basis. In case of loss of the key compensation will have to be paid.


    Computer Centre

    Again in cooperation with FPN and UB a computer centre was equipped for (whole) class teaching as well as for independent use of computer facilities.



    For free and short use of computers a facility is organised outside the UB. On the whole UM Campus there is WiFi for the use of laptops and entrance to the internet.

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