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  • Housing within FHML is decided upon on the basis of an annual inventory of employed staff. The reference date for staff is the salary payment of the month of July. The reference date for the housing situation is the first of October.


    Consequently, after verification by the departments, the allocation of housing is determined by the following first of January. As far as is possible, within margins, housing of the departments is facilitated as quickly as possible. The offices are assigned to the departments, the laboratories to the Schools. Possible renovations are judged by the department of Facilities and supervised if necessary. The department of Facilities has the additional task to translate developments concerning content within the Faculty into housing needs for the mid and long term. To that end a FHML Housing Masterplan is drawn up in a 4-year cycle.



    The FHML housing is realised on the basis of an annual reassessment of the staff situation within the departments.

    This has a twofold benefit:

    First of all a certain extent of flexibility is achieved by strict monitoring of the staff input. Another advantage is that at the faculty level it can be decided whether there is a need for additional housing and of what quality (office, laboratory, workshop, education rooms, etc.)


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