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  • The Department of Facilities is a service and policy department for the support and organisation of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Science’s. For a number of aspects the department of Facilities performs activities for the entire university and/or the hospital (azM) or for partnerships/alliances between organisations at Randwyck Campus.


    The Department has two fields of responsibility:


    –           Housing and General Management


    –           Safety, Occupational Health, and Environment


    Facilities has specialized knowledge on several aspects of legal or regulatory requirements on conditions of medical and health sciences work. It concerns biological safety, Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO), radiation protection and occupational health.


    Furthermore the department takes care of the coordination and fine-tuning of the faculties’ policy within Randwyck for those aspects for which officials in units outside Randwyck are responsible: Health and Safety, Environment, Safety & Security.

    As far as tasks are concerned for which the department of General and Technical Services (FD) is responsible, such as housing, maintenance, reconstruction, UM card, cleaning, purchasing office, reception and parking, the Department of Facilities takes care of the contacts and management and

    Some of the tasks are being executed in a wider range of application than the FHML, for example in cooperation with FPN, or together with azM and/or Maastro and Biopartner.

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