• Radiation Protection Officer – Dispersible Radioactive Materials level D
  • -Formerly: ‘Radiation Protection level 5B‘-

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    As of February 2018, we offer the certified course “Radiation Protection Officer – Dispersible Radioactive Materials level D (TMS-VRS D)”.

    The next course will start in April 2019. Do you want to participate? Please fill in this form and we will be in touch.



    Introduction: legal context

    Holders of a license with regards to the Nuclear Energy Act are obliged to inform employees that come into contact with sources of ionising radiation about the risks that are involved, as well as provide them with work instructions in writing.


    Within the complex license Randwyck, a variety of applications of sources of ionising radiation are carried out, including scientific research with dispersible radioactive materials (Dutch: ‘verspreidbare radioactieve stoffen’ or VRS). The license holders, being azM/MUMC+, UM, MAASTRO clinic, BPCM and ZON-PTC, have decided to meet this legal obligation by compelling the employees concerned, to participate in a certified course on the subject of radiation protection. Until February of 2018, this was the course ‘Radiation Protection level 5B.


    Course TMS-VRS D

    A change in legislation has resulted in a new system of education and corresponding learning objectives. This implies that the course ‘Radiation Protection level 5B’ is being replaced by the course ‘Radiation Protection Officer – Dispersible Radioactive Materials level D (Dutch: Toezichthoudend Medewerker Stralingsbescherming – Verspreidbare Radioactieve Stoffen niveau D’) or TMS-VRS D.


    This course, which will also be certified by the Dutch government, will educate employees to the point where they can work autonomously with dispersible radioactive materials (VRS), but can also supervise work that may be carried out in a radionuclide laboratory with a D-classification.


    During the course the next subjects will be dealt with:

    • basic knowledge regarding physics
    • competences to enable someone to support and assist a Radiation Protection Expert (Dutch: coördinerend deskundige, CD)
    • understanding of and insight into the subject, as well as professional expertise


    This should enable the employee to perform dose- and shielding calculations on a basic level, and also to assist the CD when drawing up and executing measurement regimes (for instance in the case of irregularities) . The employee should also be able to educate and instruct people on the subject of radiation protection. Lastly, the employee must have an understanding of risk analyses of actions with radioactive materials.


    Target group within the complex license Randwyck

    As mentioned before, the target group for the course TMS-VRS D consists mainly of employees that work autonomously with dispersible radioactive sources. Most of them are involved in scientific research projects, which are most often carried out at the department of Radionuclide laboratory (RNL), the central research facility of the faculty Health Medicine and Life Sciences of Maastricht University.


    We know from experience that research projects are often complex in nature, and take a lot of organisational preparation in addition to the actual laboratory work. It is for this reason that it has been decided that the educational purposes of this course fit the practice of the average researcher well.


    Contents of the course

    The course is based on the following core competences:

    1. The TMS-VRS D supervises the application (s)he is responsible for, and maintains relevant laws and regulations with regards to ionising radiation. (S)he advises adequately concerning content, in coordination with the CD, with regards to preventive measures to employees and the organisation.
    2. The TMS-VRS D contributes to an adequate handling of a (foreseeable) unwanted event or impending incident, with regards to the application (s)he is responsible for.
    3. The TMS-VRS D actively works on improvement of his/her own expertise and that of others for whom he carries responsibility.
    4. The TMS-VRS D has knowledge, skills, attitude and competences that are specifically related to radioactive compounds in dispersible form.


    These learning objectives are met through a combination of theoretical- and practical teaching.

    The course consists of 4 half days oftheoretical lectures, 1 full day of practical assignments, a half day that consists of a tutorial and preparation for the exam.

    The course is concluded with an exam that consists of both multiple choice and open questions. A diploma is granted if the exam is passed, the practical assignment and tutorial has successfully been followed. The course has been certified by the Dutch government and is acknowledged throughout the country.



    The course is organised by the Radiation Protection Unit Randwyck (Dutch: Stralingsbeschermingseenheid, SBE), under the supervision of the Radiation Protection Expert (ACD) Randwyck. The latter is, on behalf of the Boards, responsible for the content of the course and for course compliance with the legal requirements.


    An independent exam committee has been appointed, that supervises the quality of the course material including the exam. This committee operates in compliance with the  ‘Examination regulations of the certified courses radiation protection Randwyck’.


    Course fee

    For employees of the institutions that participate in the Complex license Randwyck, which are azM/MUMC+, UM, MAASTRO clinic, ZON-PTC and BPCM, the course is free of charge.

    For participants from other companies or institutions, the course fee is € 500,-.


    Program April 2019


    DayDateTimeLocationCourse elementTeacher
    MondayApril 813:30-17:30t.b.d.Lecture PhysicsDr. ir. L. Murrer
    ThuesdayApril 913:30-15:30t.b.d.Lecture Measuring MethodsDr. ir. R. Wierts
    WednesdayApril 1008:30-10:30t.b.d.Lecture Biological EffectsDhr. J. Buijsen MD
    ThursdayApril 1109:30-12:30t.b.d.Lecture Risks and LegislationMevr. H. Huyten
    Monday, Thuesday, WednesdayApril 15, 16 or 1709:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00 (whole day)UNS50; RNLPractical assignmentMultiple
    ThursdayApril 1809:00-11:00UNS50 H1.351ATutorial RiskanalysisMultiple
    Thursday April 1813:30-16:00UNS50 H1.351AExam trainingMultiple
    ThursdayApril 2509:00-12:00UNS50 H1.351AExamMultiple
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