• Art and Heritage Commission (KEC)
  • The MU buildings do have a significant appearance. The inner city buildings of MU are mostly monumental buildings or have a monumental character.

    The buildings of MU at the Randwyck district have a modern and businesslike appearance.

    The interior of the buildings are touched by a good feeling of artistic art.


    An Art and Heritage Commission (KEC) for MU is established. KEC makes sure, for instance, that the special architecture of the centuries-old inner city buildings or the modern buildings in Randwyck is highlighted; it enhances the work of MU and study environment in university buildings with artworks; it puts special collections on display; and every six months it draws attention to an interesting artistic subject by organizing a exhibition in the University Office at Minderbroedersberg 4-6.


    Within the building Universiteitssingel 50 the KEC first arranged an Art Spot were several related works have been placed. The accent of the art collection of theMaastrichtUniversityis modern art.


    Click here to visit the website of the Art and Heritage Commission (KEC).


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